Roof Wind Powered Ventilator

MTM S.r.l.




Quiet: less than 35dB

ElectroAspiroMatic®: the first solar and magnetic roof air vent

240BQ-INOX Model

300FTV-INOX Model


240BR-INOX Model

MTM: experts of roof turbine ventilators

MTM S.r.l.

The MTM srl ita  ( ) works in the electronic engineering field developing and proposing solutions in the most diverse sectors. Our team  is composed by professionals whose experience has improved company knowhow in the following branches:

  • Motorways
  • Industrial Automation
  • Railways
  • Aerospace

The most qualified suppliers on the market collaborate with MTM for the products development and production.

The CE certification of the  Roof Wind Powered Extractor was carried out by TESEO spa  of Druento ( TORINO ), one of the most important Italian certification authority.

The relevant documentation is available in the specific section of each product.

Roof wind ventilator



The Roof Wind Powered Ventilator we are proposing is the result of a long and challenging development project whose target was the realization of a reliable and silent  product for air extraction, at a fair price in relation to its performances and to quality of the used materials.

Our roof fans (solar and magnetic) are part of the ElectroAspiroMatic lineup.

The ElectroAspiroMatic offered in three versions:

300FTV with photovoltaic panel for use in very sunny sites but with poor ventilation. It’s the first solar and magnetic roof air vent.

240BQ-INOX  suitable for air exchange and smoke extraction.

240BR-INOX suitable for round flues


ElectroAspiroMatic is unique

Its innovation lies on his new movement system which makes these roof vents free of any physical and mechanical contact.

Low energy

ElectroAspiroMatic is eco friendly and leads to only 24 watt consumption.


It weights just 5 Kg (11 pounds).

100% energy-independent

ElectroAspiroMatic® is also avaible in its solar model.

Easy maintenance

With ElectroAspiromatic it’s so easy to inspect the air conduct.

Ventilation even without wind

ElectroAspiroMatic® is totally self-supporting.

Low noise

Noise measuraments show peaks of only 35 dB
(measured 1 meter away from the vent)

Some comments on our products

MTM products, and these roof turbine ventilators, are manufactured in order to fulfill the following characteristics

  • Max reliability
  • Long life
  • Mechanical strength
  • Suitable materials use in the most rigid environmental conditions
  • Optimal component sizing
  • Strict tests
  • Easy maintenance
  • Adequate price to product quality

Something more:

  • The market rewards the quality
  • We are not looking for general consumers; we prefer to give loyalty to customers.
  • Less maintenance means more reliability
  • The customers know what they want, inquire, make comparisons.
  • It is not always true that the customer prefers the most cheap product. The customer is looking for reliable and enduring products
  • The best publicity is the quality of the product and not the marketing campaign
  • It is impossible to supply a high quality product at a risible price
  • The high quality components are expensive. The use of low quality and too cheap materials result in missing costumers

The use limits of the normal roof wind ventilators  in the absence of wind are well known. No wind, no air exchange. Furthermore, when the wind is not constant, the air exchange is variable without any assurance of the flow.

The Electroaspiromatic solves this problem and cancels the lack.

All our ventilators are suitable for hot fumes extraction and can be used to increase the draft of fireplaces

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